Thursday, December 1, 2011


So you are in Tuscany and you've had enough food and wine. What to do?
Well, there is several companies in the region that offer balloon rides. If you need a little more excitement, it's a pretty good time.  I visited Tuscany in September, which is the end of ballooning season (apparently) due to the conditions.  Its not way too expensive, but its not exactly cheap.  Its priced about right, and offers a great view of the tuscany landscape.  Its romantic for you lovers out there, and pretty exciting for you adventure seekers.  The only thing hindering the experience is the weather. Some days, you might travel 15 miles, other days not so much (I was the latter). So if you are looking for something different, there are several different options in several different locations so you can see all that Tuscany has to offer.


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