Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I AM NOT AN EXPERT. Yet. There's a couple dudes better than me (Frommer & Rick Stevens to name a few). I'm trying. I'm learning. So here's a couple tips to be a better guide.
1. Don't hide all your money in one place. Cause if someone gets it, that's it. Have a couple spots for some emergency money.
2.Don't you dare wear a fanny pack. DON'T YOU DARE.
3. Make several copies of your passport. I know its a pain. I know. Just do it.
4. Guidebooks. Here's my thoughts. The DK series is really my go to. Its easy to read, entertaining, and gives you the good stuff.

5. I love atlases and road maps. Do me a favor, if you can't read them...start now.
6. Use Triple AAA. Love'em. They have great cheap guidebooks and maps, which (some) are free if you're a member. Most places take the discount. It awesome. They help you plan trips.
7. Know how to use a stick shift (I don't, shut up.) Most countries drive on manuals and if you want an automative they are harder to get and more expensive.
8. Know some basics about different languages and different cultures. There are many quirky things out there that are very offensive. Last thing you wanna do is do something that pisses off
alot of people.
9. DON'T drink the water. Most places have clean water, most fountains are fine. They are. However, why risk it? Last things you wanna do is s*** your brains out on vacation. Just buy the bottle. You'll thank me later.
10. Airports: At this point, you know what you can carry. Don't be surprised or try and get by with 9 gallons of toothpaste. You look like a jackass. Just do what your told and stop wasting everyone's time.

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