Monday, June 6, 2011


When traveling across NZ, you got a couple different options. So depending on your budget, here's some great tips to help get the most out of each option.

Buses: There's several bus companies that offer all sorts of routes across NZ.  This is the cheapest option to see the most of the country the easiest.  The setbacks are its a set route and set schedule.  Its a fast paced, up at 8am, get places and go. They say you can come and go as you please, but the issue is during the peak seasons it maybe very hard to get your spot on the bus once you give it up to stay longer. Its not as flexible as they say unless your calling weeks in advance.  Its great for meeting people and having the bus company do most of the legwork for you.  Me personally, I like to get lost and go at my own pace. The bus option gives you a highlight reel of things to do at the best price.  Downside is you're traveling with 40 people without much flexibility.  
RENTAL CARS: Traveling by car, you go when you want where you want.  For your wallet avoid the main rental car companies (Hertz, Eurocar, Avis, etc.) in the airport. They charge the most.  Instead, go off the beaten path a bit and you can find some real good deals if you look a bit. Gas is the real killer.  Everything in NZ from bananas to oil is imported, and therefore very expensive.  So be prepared for food, gas, and hotels are gonna burn a hole in that wallet.

CAMPER VANS: Campervans are really cool and probably the most expensive.  Where you save on hostels or hotels you probably spend in gas.  Some companies have really cool long term deals where you can get a Campervan for cheap but have to rent it for months at time to get that great price.

HITCHHIKING:  Let me start by saying THE WALNUTS SHOW DOES NOT ENCOURAGE HITCHING RIDES. That being said, it is practiced widely throughout NZ. NZ is possibly the friendliest, nicest, most helpful people left on the planet. Through my travels, I noticed that hitchhiking is encouraged and practiced widely throughout the country.  So if you're feeling a bit crazy (and really have no money), that's always an option too.  Truth be told, it'll take ya double the time to get anywhere, but I'm sure you'll get a good story out of it. :)  

Personally, if I had the money, Campervans have to be a great way to travel.  They are very popular in NZ, if you can afford.  For short term stuff, cars a good bet.  If you gotta real squeeze to save, then bus it you shall.    
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