Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No regrets.

$1,109.40 was the price.  When I hit 'confirm payment', my heart skipped a beat. Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand.  It was official.  I had to quit my job , leave my apartment, and put my stuff in storage.   I'll be completely honest, I don't really know what I'm doing. I just know that this life I'm leading is unsatisfying.  I had the cozy office job at 20 years old and gave it up to try my chance in Hollywood.  Now 4 years later, I'm making another drastic move.  I'm packing a bag, grabbing a camera, and heading to New Zealand. One month alone. It's scary.  No matter what anyone tells you.  I'm putting my faith in something I know little about. Sure, I've traveled some, but not like this.  I do know one thing: I want to live. I want to live like each day might be my last.  I was to see things and do things people dream of. To do that, I must take a leap of faith.  There is more to life, more to see, more to do.  Is this for me? I dunno. This could be a train wreck, this could be a mistake.  What it won't be is a regret.  


  1. PAUL YOU ROCK MAN! May whatever train wrecks you get yourself into be one hell of an crazy adventure :)
    You're definitely doing this right: LIVING

    - Lauren @ TheMadtoLIVE

  2. When are you going to talk about water? What are you going to drink, beer?

    Happy to see that you are following your dream. Proud of you cuz, good luck.

  3. good luck Bro! We're all behind you. Have fun and be safe! See you on the flip side.

    your bro.